This Spring, a Breakthrough Brand of Group Fitness is Born

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feel the beat.
pack the punch.

BASH combines two of today’s hottest workouts—boxing and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—to give you an exhilarating group fitness experience. For 45 fast-flying minutes, commit your entire being—body and mind—to the moment (with the help of our beats, of course). Feel the rush of hitting a bag, finding your stride, and breaking through limits. Now that’s a feeling worth fighting for.

we’re in
your corner.

No experience? No problem! This workout is for everyone, and our coaches are alongside you every step of the way to make you laugh, sweat, and cry (happy tears only)! We’ll train you on the core punches until they’re second nature, and keep the party going through the final round.

OUR credo

We live for the breakthrough moments. Combinations of hard work, sweat and pride. We are a local community with big dreams. Fueled by inner strength, and a little spunk, we’re always down to defy new limits. Together we release expectation—one punch at a time.

OUR coaches

We’ve brought together the area’s best fitness experts to help you maximize calorie burn, build lean muscle, and improve balance and agility. Look to us for one-on-one instruction, tough love (because love is love!), and unconditional support—whatever you need to jab into inner strength and have fun doing it!


We have one rule: Good Vibes Only. With unique water-filled Aqua training bags, top of the line strength and conditioning equipment, and concert style sound, our studio sets a new bar for the Arlington fitness scene. From the friendly face at check-in to the bass drop that powers you through to the final round, our studio will quickly become your happy place!

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